• Our Pressed Mineral Foundation is proudly formulated and made by us! It offers a beautiful smooth application imparting a feeling of luxury on wear. The coverage is effortless while providing a flawless finish. We have 14 shades available to choose from. We have 7 to match our Loose Mineral Foundation Powder Colours and then we offer a more yellow based Mineral Foundation Pressed Range for those that require this selection. Mix and match as you please!

    Pressed Mineral Foundation

      • Yellow Based L1.2 - Is suitable for those with a Light Ivory Skin. A skin types that burns easily & may have freckles & capillaries.
      • Yellow Based Golden Beige - Is Suitable for a pale neutral skin tone. 
      • Yellow Based M (Medium) - One of our most popular colours. Suits most medium skin tones and for those with skin that sometimes burns but gradually tans.
      • Yellow Based M1 (Medium 1) - Is also a popular colour. one shade up from Medium and suitable for those that tan from the sun.
      • Yellow Based M1.2 (Medium 1.2) - Is merging into the olive skin tones. This colour is suitable for those that rarely burn and tan easily.
      • Yellow Based Neutral Tan - A dark colour with very neutral undertones.
      • Yellow Based Golden Tan - Is very dark with red undertones.