• Get your glow on with our magical lightweight lotion that bathes contours in a candle-lit luminous Hollywood glow. Apply as your primer or moisturiser for a super highlighted glow, apply after your foundation as a spot contoured effect or add to your liquid foundation to create an illuminating all in one product...the choice is yours! P.S Not just a pretty face...this Illuminator is well ahead of it's game as we have infused it with skin enhancing minerals providing deep rich skincare benefits that are a cut above the best :)Shade SelectionCHAMPAGNE GLOW - Swirls of golden, pink & peach. The perfect Cinderella match!PEACH GLOW - Uplift any complexion with our copper pearl peach illuminator.GOLDEN GLOW - A golden glow Illuminator with neutral undertones to balance and enhance.BRONZED GLOW - Highlight & Contour a Glowing Bronze to your skin with this highly pigmented blend. 

    Liquid Illuminator