• Light veil/setting powder, formulated with the ancient secret to beauty - Rice Powder, along with the purest kaolin clay and oxides. 
    Use before or/and after your foundation is applied to give your skin the perfect porcelein finish and reduce too much shine. This sets your makeup for the day, it is very transclucent and should be used all over face including eye lids.
    Mineral Veil is used as a setting powder applied after Beauty Spells Foundation which is a perfect choice for all skin types who want added staying power to their foundation. 
    Wonderful for absorbing excess oil which can also be used underneath our Mineral Foundation for those with oily skin.
    Veil can be used alone as an alternative to foundation for sheer coverage.
    Packaged in a clear sifter jar with black matte lid.
    Net weight 7grams

    Mineral Veil

    • Rice Powder, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Iron Oxides.

      • Light : designed for those using Foundations L1 and L1.2
      • Medium : designed for those using Foundations M, M1 and M1.2
      • Dark : designed for those using Foundations Tan and Deep Tan.