Being a beauty Therapist for over 10 years, I began developing sensitivities to many products which resulted in skin irritations. Contact dermatitis developed on my hands to such a degree that facials became impossible to perform. I knew that cortisone creams were the doctors answer but given the choice I prefered a natural approach.

Using my background knowledge of beauty therapy I knew that natural products were a better alternative for skincare solutions, so after hours of extensive research to find the select ingredients, I came up with the perfect blend.

I chose plant, nut and fruit oils including salts from the dead sea & selected essential oils for their high mineral and vitamin content as well as for their healing properties which are known to help the inflammatory skin conditions & the soothing oils to calm the irritations. With time & patience I eventually came up with my selected product line developed for all skin types especially sensitive, inflamed skin reaching conditions such as EXCEMA, PSORIASIS, CONTACT DERMATITIS & any other skin conditions caused from hypersensitivities.

Miracle Manicure, Fab Facial & Face Food have helped & cured many of these debilitative skin conditions & as they have helped myself, others in my profession and my clients, I know they will help many more around the world.