Frequently asked questions

How do I Apply Mineral Foundation

Firstly, apply your face food primer for your skin type. Then Give the foundation jar a light shake to distribute the minerals into the lid. To conceal dark under eye circles or spots use the large eye shadow brush & a lighter shade of foundation & gently press the minerals onto the area until blended. Tap a small amount of minerals into the lid & swirl your kabuki brush. Tap the brush on the edge of the foundation jar to remove any excess powder. Tap the handle of your brush onto a hard surface such as a table to distribute minerals into the bristles. Apply to the face using a downward motion, with the concept of turning the powder into a liquid on the skin. This gives the most amazing dewy flawless look that lasts all day. The optional convention method is buffing in circular motions until the powder blends with your skin. Repeat the process using thin layers of powder until you have the desired coverage. This second option is recomended without the Face Food Primer being used and does not give as nicer finish as the first method.

How do I Apply Mineral Blush

Squeeze your kabuki brush together & apply your mineral blush to the apples of your cheeks with a light sweeping motion. Only use a very small amount!

How do I Apply Mineral Bronzer

After applying your Foundation, the Beauty Spells Application Method is to Bronze (contour), Blush and highlight. We recommend contouring the cheek bones with Beauty Spells Australia Mineral Bronzer. Apply Mineral Bronzer underneath the apples of the cheeks, (where you have applied the blush) in a back and forward motion blending toward the hairline. Also lightly brush over your body for a bronzed sun kissed look. Another method is to mix with your face food and rub onto your skin.

How do I Apply Mineral Highlighter

Our Highlighter is fantastic to use above the apples of the blush. Highlight under the eyes around the side of the face extending underneath the eye brow.

How do I Apply Mineral Veil

You can use Mineral Veil before, during or after your application of foundation depending on how oily your skin is. It can also be used in between applications of foundation. Using Mineral Veil after your foundation gives a flattering & softening effect on imperfections & sets your foundation for the day. Mineral Veil is applied in the same way as the dry application foundation method.

How do I Apply Mineral Eyeshadow

Shake the Mineral Eyeshadow container to release the minerals into the lid. Gently wipe your Beauty Spells retractable eyeshadow brush into the powder in the lid of the container. Gently press onto the eye lid. Please note that wiping the shadow across the eye lid is not as effective as pressing into the skin as the shadows will smear & lift off your skin. Blend, mix & layer however you desire. Add water to the minerals in the lid to create a cream, metallic effect which is called foiling. add eyeliner sealer to give a water proof eyeliner effect.

How do I Apply Mascara

Apply one coat for definition. For a more dramatic look let the first coat dry & apply a second. Layer as much as you desire.

How do I Apply Lip Paint

Swirl lip brush into lip paint to warm waxes. Apply to your lips. Can also mix with a beauty spells eyeshadow to create a custom colour of choice.