T he Founder

Christabel Stolhand is Founder and President of Beauty Spells Australia.

She began her venture after developing Severe Contact Dermatitis on her hands from products used in her Beauty Salon. With the decision not to use chemicals such as Cortisone Cream to treat her debilitative condition, she started studying and sourcing natural alternatives. With her first success being the development of the MIRACLE MANICURE, she then developed the FAB FACIAL and FACE FOODS by requests from people with sensitive skin conditions. These people had lost hope in the everyday products on the market claiming to help sensitive skin with unnatural ingredients.

Christabel became so excited with the results her products were achieveing she travelled to the USA to study the prospects of developing a Beauty Spells range of Mineral Makeup. Christabel has now sourced a 100% NATURAL ALTERNATIVE to the common cosmetic products on the market today with the Beauty Spells Mineral Makeup being a successful additive to the Beauty Spells Range. Not only are our products natural but they are sourced and manufactured in Australia with Love, Care and Passion!